Kenya Job Guide

How to Land Your Dream Job

Finding a job in this modern day and age should be easy, but because of the high demand for opportunities, getting the right vacancy for your needs and preferences can be pretty tough. This is because many individuals who seek work can come from practically anywhere, which means you shouldn't only expect competition from those around you, but even from those in other countries from all over the globe. While it's completely understandable how you might be having difficulty finding a job, there are some things you can do to snag your dream job.


1.            Edit Your Resume - When was the last time you checked your resume to see how it looked or what it said? Of course, when you first wrote it, you might have been thinking that it was the best of its kind, but take a second glance at it today and you might not get the same feeling. As you change and gain experience, so will you learn how to do things better, and this involves how your resume was written. Make it look as professional as possible and be sure that it's free of errors. This is the first thing that employers will see about you, and if your resume is riddled with mistakes and unprofessional content, you might be just be stripping yourself of an opportunity.


2.            Prepare for the Interview - If you're able to secure an interview schedule with your potential employer, use your lead time to think about questions they might ask and what you can say to answer those questions. A good way to formulate potential inquiries would be to look at your resume, to look at the job description, and to find any discrepancies between these two items. If there's anything in the vacancy that you might not seem qualified for based on your resume, think of the right answer to help you convince them that you're still a good pick to fill in the jobs kenya.


3.            Keep Trying - In the world of job hunting, you will have to take some time. There will be rejections and it will take you a few tries before you find the right opportunity for you. The key is that you don't give up and you don't allow temporary defeat to keep you down. Apply for as many jobs at as you can, stay positive, and wait patiently. If something doesn't turn out as you wanted it to, you can just move on to your next option.